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Red Cross Presents Flood Response Report

Over $230,000 raised, 2,500 hours volunteered

Story by Paul Bradley

The Red Cross says although their work in Perth-Andover is done the community still has a long road to recovery.

After three months and over 2,500 volunteer hours the organization officially withdrew from the flood ravaged community on Thursday night, June 28.

Bill Lawlor, the Director of Disaster Mangement for New Brunswick tells CJ104 News the Red Cross came to Perth-Andover to provide short-term relief.


Lawlor says the $230,000 was raised on behalf of flood victims helped a great deal.


Lawlor says 40 percent of what was raised was used to purchase household goods.

28 Percent went to utilities, 26 to fuel and the remaining money went to personal health items, and administration costs.

He says they helped a total of 412 clients who were evacuated from 185 homes.

Lawlor adds they wanted to present the report to show the money stayed within the community.