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Sony Music Distribution
Latin, Tropical, Salsa, Colombian, Latin Pop, South American Traditions

Album Review

This band carves out a niche in the general salsa sound that is kind of tough to define, though easy to hear. Basically, both the vocal and instrumental work fall somewhere between standard salsa sonerismo and the lusher, but still feisty arrangements of salsa romantica. Particularly in the title cut, the result is fresh and original.
John Storm Roberts, Original Music, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Cielo de Tambores
  2. Una Aventura
  3. Se Parecio Tanto a Ti
  4. Doña Pastora
  5. Busca Por Dentro
  6. Deberia Olvidarla
  7. Sin Sentimientos
  8. Cali Aji