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Latin, Tejano, Cumbia, Norteño, Mexican Traditions, South American Traditions, Onda Grupera

Album Review

Liberación stood at a stylistic crossroads when this album was recorded, caught between their hard-fought status as a premier dance band and the desire to expand their base with ballads. Thanks to first-rate material, the presence of new vocalist Juan Tavares, and director Virgilio Canales' arrangements, Liberación managed to sound equally expert at both styles. "Como Duele" ("How It Hurts"), the group's breakthrough soft-rock hit, builds to an infectious chorus that gave the group's romantic side instant credibility. Other ballads with irresistibly hummable melodies include "Cuándo Yo Te Quiero Hablar" ("When I Want to Talk to You") and "Se Me Olvidó Olvidarte" ("I Forgot to Forget You"). Even better, the group still plays a mean cumbia, proving it can jam with the best of them on "No Puede Ser" ("It Can't Be"), written by Bronco vocalist José Guadalupe Esparza, and the instrumental "La Tablita." A snapshot of the group at the top of its game.
Douglas Shannon, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Nubes De Algodón [Cumbia]
  2. Cuando Yo Te Quiero Hablar [Balada]
  3. La Tablita [Cumbia]
  4. No Puede Ser [Balada]
  5. Se Me Olvidó Olvidarte [Cumbia]
  6. Ya Recibí Tu Invitación [Ranchera]
  7. Mi Pequeño Amor [Cumbia]
  8. Como Duele [Balada]
  9. Ojos [Cumbia]
  10. Nuevamente Lágrimas [Balada]
  11. Dile a Tu Amiga Bonita [Cumbia]
  12. Volver Para Que Volver [Balada]
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