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Diablo (UK)
Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Folk-Rock, British Folk-Rock, Psychedelic

Album Review

An entertaining collection of outtakes, alternate versions, early cuts and oddities ("Come Back Beatles" and "The Fab Four-Four" are from a single done as a lark.) Notable for alternates of "Dearg Doom" and "King Of The Fairies" (a pair of concert favorites) and the inclusion of "Green Gravel." Shows off the Horslips mix of rock and Celtic very nicely.
Steven McDonald, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Motorway Madness
  2. Johnny's Wedding
  3. Flower Amang Them All
  4. Green Gravel
  5. The Fairy King
  6. Dearg Doom
  7. The High Reel
  8. King of the Fairies
  9. Phil the Fluter's Rag
  10. Come Back Beatless
  11. The Fab Four-Four
  12. Daybreak
  13. Oisin's Tune
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