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Rhythm & Blues, Early R&B, Jump Blues

Album Review

This first volume of King's Battle of the Blues series features two of the label's biggest acts: Roy Brown and Wynonie Harris. Having already made their names in the late '40s as premier blues shouters on the R&B and jump blues circuit, both singers migrated to the Cincinnati independent and reached even loftier chart heights. Brown takes up the first side with seven sides of his animated and gospel-fired vocals, including the classic "Boogie at Midnight." For his part, Harris indulges his rougher-hewn vocal cords for an update of his big smash, the Brown-penned "Good Rockin' Tonight," and one of his all-time King highlights, "Bloodshot Eyes." For some whiskey-soaked R&B nostalgia, this fine collection is hard to beat.
Stephen Cook, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Boogie at Midnight
  2. Big Town
  3. Bar Room Blues
  4. Love Don't Love Nobody
  5. Miss Fanny Brown
  6. Lollipop Mama
  7. I've Got the Last Laugh Now
  8. Bloodshot Eyes
  9. Good Rockin' Tonight
  10. Lovin' Machine
  11. Shake That Thing
  12. I Feel That Old Age Coming On
  13. All She Wants to Do Is Rock
  14. Good Morning Judge