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April 07, 2006

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Track Listing

  1. Rudy, Don't Take Your Love to Town (Disc 01)
  2. Me and Bobby Mcgee
  3. For the Good Times
  4. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Is In)
  5. She Even Woke Up to Say Goodbye
  6. The King of Oak Street
  7. Ticket to Nowhere
  8. Tell It All Brother
  9. The Way It Used to Be
  10. Hurry Up Love
  11. Run Through Your Mind
  12. Sleep Comes Easy
  13. Always Leaving Always Gone
  14. Heed the Call
  15. Church Without a Name
  16. But You Know I Love You
  17. A Poem for My Little Lady
  18. I Believe in Music
  19. The Most Beautiful Girl in the Words (Disc 02)
  20. Behind Closed Doors
  21. Big Boss Man
  22. Mohair Sam
  23. My Elusive Dreams
  24. Rollin with the Flow
  25. Lonely Weekends
  26. Life's Little Ups and Downs
  27. Sittin and Thinkin
  28. You Don't Know Me
  29. Mountain Dew
  30. Take It on Home
  31. There Won't Be Anymore
  32. On My Knees
  33. Pass on By
  34. Who Will the Next Fool Be
  35. I Feel Like Going Home
  36. Good Time Charles's Got the Blues