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August 27, 1991
Zoo Entertainment
Pop/Rock, Prog-Rock, Album Rock, Art Rock

Album Review

This album is one of the finest - and least successful - 'comeback albums' to ever be released. After disbanding in the late 70's, Procol Harum returned in 1991 with this very strong album that should have been a complete rebirth of this, one of the most classic and original bands of the 1960's. Despite the modern production, there isn't any artificial feeling on this album. Organist Matthew Fisher shines on virtually every cut, as does vocalist/pianist Gary Brooker, who along with original Procol lyricist Keith Reid, wrote most of the fine material on this album, which can be clearly be seen as a wonderful progression from their trailblazing work in the 1960's. Lead Guitarist Robin Trower is on several cuts, and the addition of his frighteningly intense playing is truly icing on the cake.
Matthew Greenwald, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Truth Won't Fade Away
  2. Holding On
  3. Man with a Mission
  4. (You Can't) Turn Back the Page
  5. One More Time
  6. A Dream in Ev'ry Home
  7. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
  8. The King of Hearts
  9. All Our Dreams Are Sold
  10. Perpetual Motion
  11. Learn to Fly
  12. The Pursuit of Happiness
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