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February 02, 2010
Ruthless Records
Rap, Hardcore Rap, Midwest Rap, Gangsta Rap

Album Review

With a classic, a curio, and a clunker packed inside, this Tri-Pack collection of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is still worthwhile if the price is right. Disc one of four is the reason, as it contains E 1999 Eternal, the Cleveland hip-hop group's stellar debut. Tracks like "Budsmokers Only," "1st of tha Month," and the Grammy-winning ballad "Tha Crossroads" are the songs this group built their legacy upon, with G-Funk-influenced beats and a talented, rotating group of rappers combining for what seemed to be hip-hop's future crew of choice. It would unravel over the coming years, which this Tri-Pack covers with a two-disc collection of screwed (slow-down) and chopped (cut-up) remixes of their biggest hits. Swishahouse Don Michael "5000" Watts is in charge on the remixing, and he's certainly one of the best, but after hearing these big numbers in their original form, newcomers might think of disc two and three as frustrating and odd. Disc four features the 2007 release T.H.U.G.S., a disappointing odds-and-ends collection that appeared the same year as the group's major-label comeback, the quite good Strength & Loyalty. Still, there's that mighty debut and the attraction of getting a wealth of their later work as a bonus, so think of it as lopsided or misguided and take a good look at the price.
David Jeffries, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Da Introduction
  2. East 1999
  3. Eternal
  4. Crept and We Came
  5. Down '71 (The Getaway)
  6. Mr. Bill Collector
  7. Budsmokers Only
  8. Crossroad
  9. Me Killa
  10. Land of tha Heartless
  11. No Shorts, No Losses
  12. 1st of tha Month
  13. Buddah Lovaz
  14. Die Die Die
  15. Mr. Ouija 2
  16. Mo' Murda
  17. Shotz to tha Double Glock
  18. Carole of the Bones
  19. 1st of tha Month
  20. Notorious Thugs
  21. Thug Luv
  22. Foe tha Love of $
  23. Thuggish Ruggish Bone
  24. Tha Crossroads
  25. Breakdown
  26. Days of Our Livez
  27. Shoot 'Em Up
  28. Buddah Lovaz
  29. All Good
  30. Buddah Smokers
  31. Get 'Cha Thug On
  32. Thug Mentality
  33. Resurrection (Paper, Paper)
  34. Still the Greatest
  35. Resurrection (Paper, Paper)
  36. Look Into My Eyes
  37. How Many of Us Have Them
  38. Cleveland Is the City
  39. Extacy
  40. Thug Mentality
  41. Home
  42. Weed Song
  43. Ghetto Cowboy
  44. T.H.U.G.S.
  45. Unstoppable
  46. Nation of Thugs
  47. Wildin'
  48. Not That Ni**a
  49. Bone Thug Soldier
  50. I'm Bone
  51. Sweet Jane
  52. Everyday Thugs
  53. Don't Waste My Time
  54. Young Thugs
  55. Remember Yesterday
  56. So Many Places