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November 13, 2009
Talking Elephant
Pop/Rock, Celtic, Hard Rock, Folk-Rock, Prog-Rock, Psychedelic, British Folk-Rock, Celtic Rock

Album Review

Released in 2010 to mark the iconic, eclectic, eternally underground, progressive Irish folk-rock outfit’s return to the stage after 29 years, the two-disc Treasury: The Very Best of Horslips featured a lovingly detailed, 24-page booklet and 34 tracks, handpicked by the members themselves. It’s a great cross-section of music, allowing room for tracks from all of the band’s releases. From the lovely, pastoral sounds of Drive the Cold Winter Away, to the elegiac and bombastic 1976 masterpiece Book of Invasions: A Celtic Symphony, Treasury lives up to its name, providing a refuge for both longtime fans and newcomers alike.
James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Furniture
  2. Faster Than the Hound
  3. Dearg Doom
  4. Time to Kill
  5. Hall of Mirrors
  6. Flower Amang Them All
  7. More Than You Can Chew
  8. The Snakes' Farewell to the Emerald Isle
  9. Nighttown Boy
  10. Everything Will Be Alright
  11. Trouble (With A Capital T) [Roll Back Version] [Version]
  12. The Life You Save
  13. Mad Pat
  14. Blindman
  15. The Blind Can't Lead the Blind
  16. Flirting in the Shadows [Roll Back Version] [Version]
  17. The Snow It Melts the Soonest
  18. The Warm Sweet Breath of Love
  19. Come Summer
  20. Sword of Light
  21. Sideways to the Sun
  22. The Power and the Glory
  23. Trouble (With A Capital T)
  24. Rescue Me
  25. Loneliness
  26. The Man Who Built America
  27. Long Weekend
  28. Speed the Plough
  29. Ghosts
  30. Guests of the Nation
  31. Stowaway
  32. Ricochet Man
  33. I'll Be Waiting
  34. Dearg Doom [Acoustic Radio Version] [Version]
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