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June 01, 2010
Panorama Records

Album Review

Through many years, guitarist Dave Stryker and saxophonist Steve Slagle have strengthened a partnership based on opposite dialects. Stryker's warm, effusive sound combined with the tart alto of Slagle is not a dish for everyone, but for them it works well. These original neo-bop tracks are steeped in swing and flavored by the slightly sharp tone of Slagle, quite reminiscent of Jackie McLean. At times spiked with angular or off-kilter harmonies à la Thelonious Monk, the title track and "Bailout" set a tone apart from the more fusion-oriented music these two have produced in the past. Stryker's deep blue chords and lines still reflect his time with soul-jazz bands, while Slagle is reaching for that small degree of cutting-edge presence that marks his sound with distinction and a difference.
Michael G. Nastos, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Keeper
  2. Bailout
  3. Ruby My Dear
  4. Came To Believe
  5. Bryce's Peace
  6. Blue State
  7. Sister
  8. Gold Dust
  9. Convergence
  10. Good 4 U
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