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August 08, 1993
Latin, Merengue, Tropical, Dominican Traditions

Album Review

"El Mayimbe" is the big heartthrob in contemporary merengue, but blah or overslick he isn't. In a sense he's more the Presley to a generation of young merengueros who burst on a bland music scene rather like the early rock & rollers. The polish is balanced by energy, hipness with strong ties to tradition. It's infectious stuff whose popularity is justified.
John Storm Roberts, Original Music, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Sere
  2. El Gusto
  3. Cama y Mesa
  4. Banana
  5. La Paloma
  6. Feliz Cumbe
  7. Mi Pueblo
  8. Sonambulo
  9. La Lluvia
  10. Mi Vida Eres Tu
  11. Amaneciendo
  12. Se Que Te Perdi
  13. Tabaco y Ron
  14. El Quijote