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October 31, 2011
EMI Gold
Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, New Zealand Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, College Rock

Album Review

Crowded House's greatest hit, "Don't Dream It's Over," cemented them firmly into the collective American consciousness as a mere highlight of a John Hughes soundtrack or momentary inhabitants of the mid-'80s college rock ghetto. Though they rose to highest U.S. acclaim with that song and its follow-up, "Something So Strong," Crowded House charted consistently in their homeland of Australia and were widely popular outside of the States for the second half of their initial run. Songs like "Better Be Home Soon" and "Weather with You" charted massively in the U.K., Canada, and New Zealand, but never brought the group more than a cult following stateside. Including a variety of singles and highlights from albums Woodface, Temple of Low Men, and their self-titled debut, Essential provides a comprehensive overview of Crowded House's wistful songwriting style and bouncy pop productions, all of which predated the rise of alternative, but didn't quite fit any mainstream mold.
Fred Thomas, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. It's Only Natural
  2. Don't Dream It's Over
  3. Chocolate Cake
  4. Whispers and Moans
  5. Now We're Getting Somewhere
  6. Love This Life
  7. Sister Madly
  8. There Goes God
  9. Nails in My Feet
  10. Fingers of Love
  11. Weather with You
  12. Walking on the Spot
  13. Four Seasons in One Day
  14. Something So Strong
  15. Into Temptation
  16. Better Be Home Soon