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June 04, 1996
Rounder Select
Folk, Old-Timey, Traditional Country

Album Review

This collection of traditional mountain tunes allows Mike Seeger and Paul Brown to show off their fine taste in source material as well as their accomplished musicianship on everything from the autoharp to a trump (what's commonly called a Jew's harp). Extensive notes detail the duo's song selections and what each musician played from tune to tune, but the performances aren't as academic as the notes suggest. By staying true to traditional performance styles, Seeger and Brown capture an old-time spirit that remains engaging and enjoyable today. Recommended to fans of Harry Smith's folk music anthologies.
Brian Beatty, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Wandering Boy
  2. I Have No One to Love Me (But the Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea)
  3. Down to Tampa
  4. The Rout
  5. Trader Boatman
  6. Green Icy Mountain
  7. Cacklin' Hen
  8. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor
  9. Goodbye, Little Bonnie
  10. What'll I Do With the Baby-O?
  11. Way Down in North Carolina
  12. Rabbit Chase
  13. New River Train
  14. Tee la Lollee
  15. Loving Emma
  16. Little Maggie
  17. Walking That Pretty Girl Home
  18. Cousin Sally Brown
  19. Chilly Winds
  20. That Girl I Love
  21. Let Me Fall