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January 30, 1996
Cabaret Records
Vocal Music, Traditional Pop

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Track Listing

  1. A Horse With Wings
  2. New Words
  3. A Brave and Foolish Thing
  4. I Furnished My One Room Apartment
  5. Mirror
  6. I Know I Am But Summer to Your Heart
  7. The Kind of Love You Never Recover From
  8. The Music Still Plays On
  9. Paper and Pen
  10. Michael's Song
  11. Strangers Once Again
  12. Avoid
  13. My Man's Riding in the Moonlight
  14. Full Moon at Half Price
  15. At the Pound
  16. Life Goes On
  17. Have Had
  18. Dear Kitty
  19. Good Night, New York
  20. Only Love Matters in the End
  21. Just Where They Should Be
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