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Rap, Golden Age, East Coast Rap

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Longevity isn't a realistic goal for most rappers, who are lucky if they aren't considered played out by their third or fourth album. By 1990, Run-D.M.C.'s popularity had decreased dramatically, and the Queens residents had lost a lot of ground to both West Coast gangster rappers like Ice Cube, Ice-T and Compton's Most Wanted. With its fifth album, Back From Hell, Run-D.M.C. set out to regain the support of the hardcore rap audience and pretty much abandoned rock-influenced material in favor of stripped-down, minimalist and consistently street-oriented sounds. Not outstanding but certainly enjoyable, such gritty reflections on urban life as "Livin' in the City," "The Ave." and "Faces" made it clear that Run-D.M.C. was still well worth hearing. [Back From Hell was remastered and reissued in 1999.]
Alex Henderson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Sucker D.J.'s
  2. The Ave.
  3. What's It All About
  4. Bob Your Head
  5. Faces
  6. Kick the Frama Lama Lama
  7. Pause
  8. Word Is Born
  9. Back from Hell
  10. Don't Stop
  11. Groove to the Sound
  12. P upon a Tree
  13. Naughty
  14. Livin' in the City
  15. Not Just Another Groove
  16. Party Time
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