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Pop/Rock, Contemporary Blues, Blues-Rock, Modern Electric Blues

Album Review

Smokin' is a good electric blues album, but it's hard to divorce an assessment of it from the knowledge that singer/guitarist Jonny Lang was a mere 14 years old when he recorded it. Would one consider it such an achievement if the bandleader were twice that age? Probably not. Without Lang's precocity as a draw, the album is a competent work in a hidebound form. The guitar playing is fluid and professional in a style reminiscent of many other players, notably B.B. King. The singing is fine, but unremarkable. The backup band maintains a groove and gives Lang something to play off of. If you saw a band playing like this in a local club, you'd have a good time. And if you could tell that the guitar player was underage, you'd be far more impressed. But then, that's the point, isn't it?
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Louise
  2. Changes
  3. Lovin' My Baby
  4. I Love You the Best
  5. Nice & Warm
  6. It's Obdacious
  7. Sugarman
  8. "E" Train
  9. Too Tired
  10. Smokin'
  11. Malted Milk
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