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Pop/Rock, Jazz-Rock, Prog-Rock

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Thousands on a Raft is remembered as much for its cover as anything else -- a picture of a model Titanic and a model Concorde sinking in a puddle, as rafts of toast ferry thousands of baked beans to the shore. Musically it was some good jazz-rock, with the emphasis not always on Brown's vocals and elliptical lyrics, as Jim Mullen's "Highland Song" offered an inventive, lengthy instrumental as the disc's centerpiece. The title cut has a Pink Floyd edge, surprising given Brown's predilection for jazz and blues, but it works well in the context. Guitarist Mullen is co-writer throughout, while the rhythm section of Rob Tait and Steve Glover swing rather than plod. "Station Song Platform Two" employs Mellotron to full prog rock effect, while "Got a Letter from a Computer" seems eerily ahead of its time for the early '70s. This was the last gasp of this incarnation of Piblokto!, but there's no doubt they went out on a high note.
Chris Nickson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Aeroplane Head Woman
  2. Station Song Platform Two
  3. Highland Song
  4. If They Could Only See Me Now, Pts. 1-2
  5. Got a Letter from a Computer
  6. Thousands on a Raft
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