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September 01, 1997
Soul Jazz
Pop/Rock, World Fusion, Salsa, Jazz-Funk, Boogaloo, Charanga, Latin Rock, Afro-Cuban, Cuban Traditions, Tropical, New York Salsa, Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz

Album Review

The second installment of Soul Jazz Records' investigation into Afro-Cuban funk and tribal consists of recordings perhaps a bit too close to the present to compare to the previous installment. Consisting of recordings from the late '70s to the mid-'80s, Nu Yorica 2! certainly doesn't skimp as to the uniform brilliance of its included artists. Included are thick, funky, drum-heavy stews of salsa, Latin jazz, and funk by the heaviest of heavy-hitters: Mongo Santamaria, Eddie Palmieri, Patato, Irakere, Cachao, Candido, Fania All Stars. Stranded halfway between fusion, salsa, and disco, however, quite a few of these tracks lack the rawness and brassy flavor of classic Latin music recorded during the '60s and early '70s. If high-fidelity is your bag though, it's hard to go wrong with "Coro Miyare" (Fania All Stars), "Jingo" (Candido), "O Mi Shango" (Mongo Santamaria), or "Spirit of Love" (Eddie Palmieri).
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Salute to Cardona
  2. O Mi Shango
  3. Dicelo Patato
  4. Spirit of Love
  5. Coro Mivare
  6. Jingo
  7. Odie
  8. Encuentro
  9. Ko-Wo, Ko-Wo
  10. En Orbita
  11. Barrio Nuevo
  12. Lamento Borincano