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April 07, 1998
Pop/Rock, Psychedelic, Rock & Roll, Garage Rock

Album Review

Easily the best disc in this ten-volume set, this volume of Green Crystal Ties could almost pass for an extra disc in Rhino's Nuggets box -- it's that good. Things open with "Don't Hurt Me" by the Beefeaters -- no, not the pre-Columbia Records incarnation of the Byrds but a Texas-based band that obviously listened to the 13th Floor Elevators as well as to lots of U.K. acts. "Don't Hurt Me" is all stylish punk snarl and defiant cardboard box drumming with some jangling, highly animated guitars and a fuzz-box workout; "Change My Mind," by contrast, is melodic and lyrical, the amps turned down from "10" to "6" and showing a definite Byrds influence. The U.S. Britons are even better, mixing the folk and punk influences more subtly, sort of like what one wished the Leaves could have done on a steady basis. The Chevelle V, out of Texas, were just as good at synthesizing Rolling Stones-style blues-rock and Beatlesque harmony-based ballads, all bound together in some better than decent original songs, while the Debonairs -- a lost instrumental group -- provide a solid dance number in "Lonely Is the Summer," highlighted by swirling organ arabesques, a horn or two, and crunchy guitar. Yesterday's Children, out of Connecticut, keep things rolling with a lean and lusty rendition of "Gloria," which is accompanied by a Rascals-like lament called "Love and Things." The Stumblin' Blox, who hailed from Texas, sounded even more like the early Rascals at their punkiest, and the Bonnevilles, out of Winston-Salem, NC, reached the peak of their too-short-lived career with their reverb-soaked recording of "96 Tears." Not everyone on this disc is quite up to the standards of those bands, or the folk-rock-based Lewallen Brothers out of Arizona, but that is over 80 percent of the disc, and even the lesser stuff is worth hearing. The sound is above average and the annotation is as thorough as the obscurity of some of these bands permits.
Bruce Eder, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Don't Hurt Me
  2. Change My Mind
  3. Come On
  4. I'll Show You a Man
  5. Come Back Bird
  6. I'm Sorry Girl
  7. Lonely Is the Summer
  8. Love and Things
  9. Gloria
  10. It's Alright
  11. 96 Tears
  12. Little Latin Lupe Lu
  13. Shop Around
  14. Tough He Was
  15. Only a Dream
  16. Tears from Laughing
  17. Charley Aikens
  18. On a Windowsill