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November 24, 1998
Rap, Pop-Rap, East Coast Rap, Hardcore Rap, Pop, Urban, Contemporary R&B

Album Review

Timbaland, the producer most responsible for the sound of hip-hop circa the late '90s, finally released his proper solo debut (after a 1997 LP recorded as Timbaland & Magoo) in late 1998. It's not quite the personal statement implied in the title, but it is full of excellent productions. He spoofs the hip-hop fad of sampling '80s pop by rewiring familiar themes, like those of Spiderman and I Dream of Jeanie, into barely recognizable forms. Timbaland regulars like Missy Elliott and Magoo contribute tracks, though the best songs here feature multi-platinum rappers like Nas ("To My") and Jay-Z ("Lobster & Scrimp"). Though his trademark style of stuttered beats and obtuse samples is probably best witnessed on singles by Missy Elliott and Aaliyah, Tim's Bio is a solid introduction to the talents of hip-hop's best young producer of the late '90s.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. I Get It On
  3. To My
  4. Here We Come
  5. Wit' Yo' Bad Self
  6. Lobster & Scrimp
  7. What Cha Know About This
  8. Can't Nobody
  9. What Cha Talkin' Bout
  10. Put 'Em On
  11. Fat Rabbit
  12. Who Am I
  13. Talking on the Phone
  14. Keep It Real
  15. John Blaze
  16. Birthday
  17. 3:30 in the Morning
  18. Outro
  19. Bringin' It