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December 08, 1998
Electronica, Club/Dance, Techno, Electro, Detroit Techno, Neo-Electro, Electro-Techno, IDM

Album Review

Ann Arbor-based electro/techno label Interdimensional Transmissions spent much of 1997 putting itself on the international dance music map via a limited four-part, 12-inch-only EP series titled "From Beyond." Assembling a by-most-measures peerless cast of envelope-pushing producers -- including Mike Paradinas, Patrick Pulsinger, Phoenecia, Le Car, I-F, Will Web, Anthony Shakir, Keith Tucker, and Synapse, among others -- "From Beyond" set something of a new standard in dance music experimentalism, relocating often unquestioningly received forms such as house, techno, and electro to entirely new geographical locales. The CD version compiles the entirety of that series, adding a live version of Phoenecia's "Roba," and is an essential collection of paradigm-exploding electronic dance music reintegrating a range of forgotten musics into frameworks both experimental and intelligible, and unflinchingly contemporary.
Sean Cooper, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
  2. Starchild
  3. Amp Error [Ectomorph Version]
  4. Future Shock
  5. Damnation [Edit]
  6. Roba [Live]
  7. Freefrom
  8. Latch
  9. Dust-Mite [Edit]
  10. Version 19
  11. I Am Sitting in a Version [Re Edit]
  12. Whats Right Is Right [Edit]
  13. Never Trust a Coward
  14. Head Rush [Slow Edit]
  15. Vertigo [Love for the G-man Mix]
  16. Hi-Q