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True North Records
Pop/Rock, Album Rock, Hard Rock, Arena Rock

Album Review

As the album cover and the unsubtle lyrics make plain, the weapons in the title track are, as Carole Pope sings, "my lips, my breasts, my body." Don't think for an instant, though, that this Canadian band is making some cheap sexual innuendoes. Everything is for a dead-serious purpose, in this case to illustrate dysfunctional inter-gender relations. The band is uncharacteristically upbeat about a personal relationship in "Lifeline." Nona Hendryx sings on a couple of songs. The album ends with a sarcastic look backward with a combination "Revolution 9"/"A Day in the Life" crescendo that mocks the "Paisley Generation."
Mark Allan, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Weapons
  2. If You Want It
  3. Lifeline
  4. Beyond Love and Desire
  5. You Must Adapt
  6. Deca-Dance
  7. Race Musik
  8. Territorial
  9. Softcore
  10. Paisley Generation