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February 15, 2000
Jade Tree Records
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Punk, Hardcore Punk, Punk Revival, Punk/New Wave

Album Review

Shorter, Faster, Louder is a fine sophomore album, refining the aggression and intelligence of Kid Dynamite's eponymous debut while upping the adrenaline rush of the music ever so slightly. That said, all of the hallmarks in the band's East Coast hardcore punk sound are still very much in place, and the distinctions between the two records are fairly subtle. Fans who enjoyed the first album will undoubtedly relish this one too, especially in light of the unfortunate fact that it's Kid Dynamite's last -- just prior to Shorter, Faster, Louder's release, vocalist Jason Shevchuk departed to pursue a film career, and the remainder of the band elected to break up.
Steve Huey, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Pits & Poisoned Apples
  2. Death and Taxes
  3. Cheap Shot Youth Anthem
  4. Copout
  5. Handy With TH Tongue Sword
  6. Living Day Lights
  7. Introduction to the Opposites
  8. Gate 68
  9. Troy's Bucket
  10. Rufus Wants a Hug
  11. Got a Minute?
  12. The Penske File
  13. Rid of the Losers, Bring on the Crvisers
  14. Three's a Party
  15. S.O.S.
  16. Two for Flinching
  17. Birthday
  18. Give'em the Ripped One