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May 23, 2000
Latin, Dance-Pop, Latin Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Adult Contemporary, Tropical, Latin Dance

Album Review

Alma Caribeña (Caribbean Soul), Gloria Estefan's third Spanish-language album, is another assured, varied effort in the tradition of its predecessors, Mi Tierra (1993) and Abriendo Puertas (1995), both of which were popular successes. The album is a virtual tour of the Caribbean Islands, not only presenting styles from the singer's native Cuba but also from other Latin American countries. Much of the record has a traditional feel with acoustic instruments prominent, but that doesn't prevent a wide range of rhythms and musical approaches from being used. Salsa, son, murga, bolero, bachata, and Afro-Cuban styles are mixed, sometimes several in one song. Estefan sings with assurance and is joined for one song each by Latin music forbears Celia Cruz and José Feliciano. Though the album is intensely rhythmic, there is little for the singer's dance audience until the end, when a remix of the first single, "No Me Dejes de Querer (Don't Stop Loving Me)," provides the requisite dancefloor entry.
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Por un Beso
  2. Punto de Referencia
  3. Dame Otra Oportunidad
  4. Como Me Duele Perderte
  5. Te Tengo a Ti
  6. Tres Gotas de Agua Bendita
  7. Nuestra Felicidad
  8. La Flor y Tu Amor
  9. Me Voy
  10. Solo Por Tu Amor
  11. Tengo Que Decirte Algo
  12. No Me Dejes de Querer
  13. No Me Dejes de Querer ["Flores" del Caribe Mix]
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