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June 27, 2000
Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, NĂ¼ Metal, Alternative Metal, Rap-Metal

Album Review

In a time when Michigan exploded as a hotbed of electronica and white-boy hip-hop innovation, Ann Arbor's Taproot emerged to restore Michigan to the riff-laden, rock & roll glory of the Ted Nugent '70s. Having build a heavy underground following through its live performances, early self-released albums, and website, Taproot stepped into the national spotlight with a debut bound to please 16 and 17 year olds everywhere. It's all here: heavy riffs, distorted rapping vocals, "life sucks" lyrics, and angry growling. These guys seem serious about their music, which is refreshing. There are no gimmicks like clown masks or fake b-boy posing. This guys are just about hard rock & roll, and they excel as musicians.
Brian Musich, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Smile
  2. Again & Again
  3. Emotional Times
  4. Now
  5. 1 Nite Stand
  6. Believed
  7. Mentobe
  8. I
  9. Mirror's Reflection
  10. Dragged Down
  11. Comback
  12. Impact
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