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August 29, 2000
Phantom Import Distribution
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Brill Building Pop, Uptown Soul, Pop-Soul

Album Review

A confusing release that seems to have tried to both sweep up rarities for the completist and offer something approximating a greatest-hits package, the result being, of course, that everyone's a bit unsatisfied. Basically, the idea was to combine all the songs from her 1965 LP Spotlight (actually largely a collection of 1963-65 singles) and her 1967 LP Greatest Hits (which duplicated five tracks from Spotlight) onto one CD, adding eight rare bonus tracks. Those additional cuts are taken from non-LP mid-'60s recordings and a couple of previously unissued items. There are two problems with that concept. The first is that no less than 15 of the 28 tracks also appear on another Kent release, the fine anthology Oh No Not My Baby: The Best of Maxine Brown, which many of the people considering buying any Brown reissue are likely to have already. The second is that this CD actually does not include "All in My Mind" and "Funny," which -- if the cover art of Greatest Hits, complete with track listing, reproduced on the cover of this two-fer is to be believed -- were on the original 1967 Greatest Hits LP. That's an uncommon gaffe for Ace/Kent to make, but from all appearances that's what happened. Now, certainly this is still a fine pop-soul disc from one of the best pop-soul vocalists. Of the material on Spotlight On/Greatest Hits not on that other Kent collection, it ranges from good -- the bluesy "You Upset My Soul," an odd cover of the Beatles' "We Can Work It Out," the brassy 1966 single "Anything You Do Is Alright," a nice interpretation of the pop standard "When I Fall in Love" -- to unmemorable.
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Oh No, Not My Baby
  2. It's Gonna Be Alright
  3. Ask Me
  4. I Cry Alone
  5. Coming Back to You
  6. He Does Something to Me (You Do Something to Me)
  7. Wonder What My Baby's Doing Tonight
  8. Since I Found You
  9. Gotta Find a Way
  10. Yesterday's Kisses
  11. You Upset My Soul
  12. Little Girl Lost
  13. We Can Work It Out
  14. I Don't Need Antything
  15. Anything for a Laugh
  16. If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody
  17. One Step at a Time
  18. I've Got a Lot of Love Left in Me
  19. One in a Million
  20. Soul Serenade
  21. Anything You Do Is Alright
  22. He's the Only Guy I'll Ever Love
  23. Slipping Through My Fingers
  24. Do It Now
  25. When I Fall in Love
  26. I Got Love
  27. Listen to My Heart
  28. Wrong Nuumber, Right Girl