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September 25, 2001
Latin, Dominican Traditions, Merengue, Latin Pop

Album Review

U.S.-born singer/actress Gisselle brings her seventh full-length album, including her greatest hits released in 1999, following the success of the Grammy-nominated Voy a Enamorarte. Surprisingly, 8 features three different versions of "Voy a Quitarme el Anillo," performed in Latin pop ballad, merengue, and bachata styles, similar to "No Bastara" and "Aroma de Mujer," which have a Latin pop ballad and merengue versions. The tropical "Boca" and "Metete" are among the most catchy tracks on this record.
Drago Bonacich, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Voy a Quitarme el Anillo [Version Balada]
  2. Dime
  3. No Bastara
  4. Boca
  5. Aroma de Mujer
  6. Tu Me Negabas
  7. Amar a Dos
  8. Metet
  9. Con la Misma Moneda
  10. Voy a Quitarme el Anillo [Version Merengue]
  11. Quiero
  12. Aroma de Mujer [Version Merengue][*]
  13. Voy a Quitarme el Anillo [Version Bachata][*]
  14. No Bastara [Version Merengue][*]
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