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November 20, 2001
Pop/Rock, Surf Revival

Album Review

Radio Waves is a collection of live broadcast recordings from the Aqua Velvets' radio appearances in the San Francisco Bay Area. The band scorches through 23 tracks of classic surf rock. Another four tracks are included on a bonus CD (recorded in May 2001), including a wry cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." There's no doubting the Velvets' encyclopedic grasp of instrumental genres -- surf, '60s spy rock, spaghetti Westerns, Latin, even psychedelia -- it's all recorded here with a blistering master's touch. Most of the compositions were written by guitarist Miles Corbin and are worthy bearers of the standard set by Dick Dale, the Ventures, and the Shadows. Due to their radio show origins, the recordings themselves have a loose "home-taped" feel -- admittedly not the highest fidelity, yet it somehow doesn't dampen the twangy vibe at all. Full of fun and verve, Radio Waves pours out generous drafts of retro groove and gets you stoked to catch that next wave. Great party music.
Jim Esch, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro KFJC
  2. Swampabilly Hop
  3. Bravado
  4. Diamond Head
  5. Spanish Blue
  6. Gringo
  7. Martini Time
  8. Green Sunshine
  9. Surfmania
  10. Hawaiian Blue
  11. Blue Rhumba
  12. Beauty and the Beach
  13. Intro KPFA
  14. Mexican Rooftop Afternoon
  15. Guitar Noir
  16. Subterranea
  17. Surf Nouveau
  18. Holly Tiki
  19. Nomad
  20. Nervous on Neptune
  21. Walk, Don't Run
  22. Apache
  23. Pipeline/Auld Lang Syne
  24. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  25. Baja [*]
  26. Spanish Blue [*]
  27. Green Sunshine [*]

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