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Well, what do you expect from an artist who's reading Penthouse, surrounded by liquor bottles and cigarettes, on the cover of his album? Perfection? Accessibility? Sanity? Well, you ain't gonna get that from Nilsson, a man who left sanity behind shortly after he entered the mainstream with Nilsson Schmilsson. Instead, you get a record from an artist who's just at the fringe of popular culture, not really caring if he has a hit, but not really wanting to be so weird that he's just a cult. Realizing all of this, the artist also knows that he doesn't need to try so hard -- he can be as lazy as he looks on the cover. So, that means That's the Way It Is is essentially a covers record, with songs ranging from material penned by longtime favorite Randy Newman ("Sail Away") to longtime fan George Harrison ("That Is All") to oldies ("Just One Look/Baby I'm Yours") to obscurities ("She Sits Down on Me" and "Zombie Jamboree"). Only two original songs then: the faux-reggae "Moonshine Bandit" and "Daylight Has Caught Me," co-written by Dr. John. Everything's given a rather lush, but not particularly sleek, treatment placing it closer to soft rock than to the unabashed cult rock that Nilsson was producing at this point. So, this winds up being an album that's not as gleefully weird and funny as its predecessors and yet is stranger because of that. Because, for chrissakes, who wants this album? It doesn't have enough perversity or indulgence for those who treasure his weirdness, but it's way too idiosyncratic and odd for anyone who might like the L.A.-style vibe. Not a bad record, really, but certainly not a very good one, even by latter-day Nilsson standards.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. That Is All
  2. Just One Look/Baby I'm Yours
  3. Moonshine Bandit
  4. I Need You
  5. A Thousand Miles Away
  6. Sail Away
  7. She Sits Down on Me
  8. Daylight Has Caught Me
  9. Zombie Jamboree (Back to Back)
  10. That Is All (Reprise)
  11. All I Think About Is You
  12. I Never Thought I'd Get This Lonely
  13. Who Done It?
  14. Lean on Me
  15. Goin' Down
  16. Old Bones
  17. Sweet Surrender
  18. Blanket for a Sail
  19. Laughin' Man
  20. Perfect Day
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