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January 30, 1990
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Urban, Quiet Storm, Funk, New Jack Swing, Adult Contemporary R&B, Contemporary R&B

Album Review

After making an exciting comeback with the impressive Touch the World, Earth, Wind & Fire disappointed us bitterly with Heritage, which, next to Electric Universe, is the band's weakest and most forgettable album. Heritage suffers from the same problem as Universe -- Maurice White obviously wanted to keep EWF sounding contemporary and up to date, but he ended up with something forced and unnatural. Bringing MC Hammer and the Boyz on board for guest spots and incorporating a heavy dose of hip-hop and urban contemporary elements, EWF goes out of its way to appeal to younger listeners and fails to be true to itself. The high-tech album usually ends up sounding stiff and insincere, like the result of a market meeting rather than artistic inspiration. Even an appearance by Sly Stone doesn't help. This is a release that only completists and avid collectors should spend their money on.
Alex Henderson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Interlude: Soweto
  2. Takin' Chances
  3. Heritage
  4. Good Time
  5. Interlude: Body Wrap
  6. Anything You Want
  7. Interlude: Bird
  8. Wanna Be the Man
  9. Interlude: Close to Home
  10. Daydreamin'
  11. King of Groove
  12. I'm in Love
  13. For the Love of You
  14. Motor
  15. Interlude: Faith
  16. Welcome
  17. Soweto (Reprise)
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