Album Details

May 25, 2004
ASV/Living Era
Jazz, Sweet Bands, Big Band

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Track Listing

  1. My Dear
  2. I Want to Be Happy [Instrumental]
  3. Baby Face
  4. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams [From Moulin Rouge]
  5. All I Do Is Dream of You [From Sadie McKee]
  6. Rain
  7. The Object of My Affection [From Times Square Lady]
  8. It's Easy to Remember [From Mississippi]
  9. In a Little Gypsy Tea Room
  10. I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze [From Collegiate]
  11. I'm Shooting High [From King of Burlesque]
  12. Moon Over Miami
  13. A Beautiful Lady in Blue
  14. A Melody from the Sky [From the Trail of the Lonesome Pine]
  15. A Rendezvous With a Dream [From Poppy]
  16. Did I Remember? [From Suzie]
  17. Just a Memory
  18. Serenade in the Night
  19. That Old Feeling [From Vogues of 1938]
  20. Avalon
  21. Romance in the Dark [From Romance in the Dark]
  22. Bambina
  23. Concert in the Park
  24. Soft Shoe Shuffle [Instrumental]
  25. You're Breaking My Heart
  26. Jealous Heart