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December 07, 2004
Rap, Southern Rap, Gangsta Rap, Hardcore Rap, Dirty South

Album Review

DJ 007 from the well-revered Chop Shop crew handles the chopping and screwing on this hallucinatory collection of UGK's best. He uses an old Chop Shop trick to great effect on the collection: start things off mildly and get a little freakier with each progressive track. By the time "Take It Off" comes on, tempos are crawling, making the already low bass of the original tracks shake the foundations. The poppy party track "Belts to Match" gets a wicked turntable scratch treatment, while the low rumble of "Pimpin' Ain't No Illusion" will surely wake the neighbors. That a Chop Shop-affiliated release would be this good is no surprise to the screwed and chopped faithful, but that such a mindbender is released by Jive -- the home of Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys -- is downright shocking.
David Jeffries, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. One Day
  2. Diamonds & Wood
  3. Something Good
  4. Pimpin' Ain't No Illusion
  5. Front, Back & Side to Side
  6. Pocket Full of Stones [Pimp C Remix]
  7. Let Me See It
  8. Choppin' Blades
  9. Take It Off
  10. Belts to Match
  11. F*** My Car
  12. Pinky Ring
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