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April 30, 1991
Rhythm & Blues, New Orleans R&B, Soul, Southern Soul, Smooth Soul

Album Review

Allen Toussaint's contribution to New Orleans R&B is indelible and his presence can be felt throughout classic recordings from the late '50s, '60s, and beyond. His name, though, is the province of connoisseurs, those who peruse album jackets looking for who wrote that great song or wrote out that phenomenal arrangement. Many who know his name may not even know that he was a solo recording artist, partially because his discography is a little confusing, as he cut for little New Orleans record labels, then signed with Reprise, before returning to sporadic waxings for indies. Of all the albums and compilations that have poured onto the market, the best, by far, is Reprise's The Allen Toussaint Collection, even if it spotlights just a small portion of his career -- namely, his '70s recordings for Reprise. True, this doesn't have all the great songs he's written, or records he's made, but it does provide an irresistible, comprehensive overview of his best albums. These aren't nearly as gritty as any of his productions of the '60s, lacking the earthiness of, say, Lee Dorsey or the down-and-dirty grind of the Meters. Instead, it's elegant, sexy music -- witness how "From a Whisper to a Scream" eases its way out of the speakers as the collection begins, seducing the listener, not hitting them in the gut. Even the funkiest moments here have style and are delivered subtly, which only makes them funkier, while putting such stylistic detours as the trippy "Southern Nights" into perspective. The individual albums Toussaint made for Reprise range from very good to excellent, yet this simply named collection eclipses them all, since it has all the best moments, expertly sequenced. It may be softer than his famous productions, but it's every bit as good and essential; in fact, it's one of the greatest greatest-hits albums of '70s soul, funk, and R&B.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. From a Whisper to a Scream
  2. What Is Success
  3. Am I Expecting Too Much?
  4. On Your Way Down
  5. Soul Sister
  6. Country John
  7. Last Train
  8. Southern Nights
  9. What Do You Want the Girl to Do?
  10. You Will Not Lose
  11. Night People
  12. Lover of Love
  13. Motion
  14. Viva la Money
  15. Happiness
  16. With You in Mind