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September 26, 2006
Orpheus Records
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Urban, Pop-Soul, Smooth Soul

Album Review

With Transitions, Freddie Jackson makes another label jump, this time to Fort Lee, New Jersey's Orpheus imprint. Jackson's sound is not significantly different, but then, when you have a voice like his, it doesn't have to be. Jackson is one of the great urban balladeers and uptown soul singers of the era. He has a career track of strong singles, consistent albums, and a presence that is undeniable. He is a crooner whether the tune is a string-sodden love song such as the opener, "Until the End of Time," or a finger-popping mid-tempo groover like "Hold on Me." Jackson reveals on this album the depth of yearning in the grain of his voice. It's full of dreams and possibilities, heartbreak and desire. Check "How Can I" with its flamenco guitar opening, and the shapeshifting electric guitars that underscore every line. There's the dreamy "More Than Friends," where the influential traces of Marvin Gaye, Ronald Isley, and Al Jarreau all come together in Jackson's delivery. The strutting bedroom funk of "Superman" is one of those tracks where Jackson lays his vocal deep in the cut. The final cut is a stellar, and ingenious, medley of Delaney & Bonnie's "Superstar" and "Wind Beneath My Wings" as a closer. The added bonus on this set is a DVD that includes no less than 17 videos and is, essentially, a greatest hits. From "Rock Me Tonight" and "Nice & Slow" to "You Are My Lady" and "Don't Wanna Lose Your Love," plus more. This is a nice touch for an indie, and gives Jackson fans and newcomers plenty to sink their teeth into.
Thom Jurek, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Until the End of Time
  2. Transitions
  3. Hold on Me
  4. How Can I
  5. Can't Get My Flow
  6. Stay and Talk to Me
  7. More Than Friends
  8. Superman
  9. Tell Me About It
  10. Heaven
  11. What Cha'll Waiting For
  12. Superstar/Wind Beneath My Wings
  13. Rock Me Tonight [DVD]
  14. You Are My Lady [DVD]
  15. Have You Ever Loved Somebody [DVD]
  16. He'll Never Love You [DVD]
  17. Do Me Again [DVD]
  18. I Can Use a Little Love [DVD]
  19. Main Course [DVD]
  20. Love Me Down [DVD]
  21. Tasty Love [DVD]
  22. All Over You [DVD]
  23. Don't Wanna Lose Your Love [DVD]
  24. Me & Mrs. Jones [DVD]
  25. You and I Got a Thang [DVD]
  26. Nice & Slow [DVD]
  27. All I Ever Ask [DVD]
  28. Rub Against You [DVD]
  29. Can I Touch You [DVD]
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