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Blues, Jump Blues, Early R&B, West Coast Blues, Piano Blues, Regional Blues

Album Review

Floyd Dixon landed at Art Rupe's Specialty label in 1953, his music jumping harder than ever. These 22 tracks rate with his best; the collection is full of rarities and previously unissued items, many featuring the wailing tenor sax of Carlos Bermudez in lusty support of the pianist. By 1957, when he momentarily paused at Ebb Records, Dixon could do a pretty fair breathless imitation of Little Richard, as the scorching "Oooh Little Girl" definitively proves. Also includes Dixon's best-known number, the often-covered rocker "Hey Bartender" (first out on Atlantic's Cat subsidiary in 1954).
Bill Dahl, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Hard Living Alone
  2. Please Don't Go
  3. Old Memories
  4. Hole in the Wall
  5. Time Brings About a Change [#]
  6. Me Quieras [#]
  7. Call Operator 210 [#][Demo Version]
  8. Ooh-Eee! Ooh-Eee!
  9. Chicken Crowing [#]
  10. Carlos [#][*]
  11. Nose Trouble
  12. Reap What You Sow [#]
  13. Judgement Day [#][*]
  14. Instumental Shuffle [#]
  15. Ooh-Eee! Ooh-Eee! [take 1][Alternate Take][#]
  16. Hey Bartender
  17. Never Know When a Woman Changes Her Mind
  18. Oh Baby, I'll Always Love You [*]
  19. What Is Life Without a Home?
  20. Rita [#]
  21. I'll Always Love You [#][*]
  22. Ooh Little Girl