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Country, Traditional Country, Progressive Country, Outlaw Country

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Transferring his allegiance to Atlantic (where he would record two remarkable albums that would get him kicked off the label), Willie Nelson offered his finest record to date for his debut -- possibly his finest album ever. Shotgun Willie encapsulates Willie's world view and music, finding him at a peak as a composer, interpreter, and performer. This is laid-back, deceptively complex music, equal parts country, rock attitude, jazz musicianship, and troubadour storytelling. Nelson blurs the lines between his own tunes and covers to the point that "Whiskey River," this record's best-known song, seems thoroughly original, yet it was written by Johnny Bush and Paul Stroud. This, along with two songs apiece by Leon Russell and Bob Wills, provides context for his originals, with Shotgun Willie becoming a musical autobiography, offering not only insights into his musicality (witness how he slows down "Stay All Night [Stay a Little Longer]" to a slow shuffle) but, seemingly, into himself (most notably on the title track and the wonderful, funny travelogue "Devil in a Sleepin' Bag"). Nelson wasn't just at a peak of performing here -- he also wrote some of his greatest songs, highlighted not just by the previously mentioned tunes but also by the lovely slow waltz "Slow Down Old World" and "Sad Songs and Waltzes." All of it adds up to possibly the finest record in a career filled with hits and highlights.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Shotgun Willie
  2. Whiskey River
  3. Sad Songs and Waltzes
  4. Local Memory
  5. Slow Down Old World
  6. Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)
  7. Devil in a Sleepin' Bag
  8. She's Not for You
  9. Bubbles in My Beer
  10. You Look Like the Devil
  11. So Much to Do
  12. A Song for You
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