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Tommy Tedesco

Billed as "the most recorded guitarist in history," Tommy Tedesco was certainly one of the top session guitarists of all time, able to play convincingly in virtually every style of music, but concentrating on pop/rock, jazz, and soundtrack work. Tedesco was born July 3, 1930, in Niagara Falls, NY; after moving to Los Angeles, he carved out a career as one of the area's most in-demand session musicians, appearing on his first recording in the late '50s. Tedesco's notable associations during the '60s included the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Phil Spector, Van Dyke Parks, the 5th Dimension, the Monkees, and Elvis Presley. He also did some of his most acclaimed work in 1968 on Frank Zappa's Lumpy Gravy; according to legend, Tedesco and some of the other session men caught wind of Zappa's freaky reputation, and showed up for the session dressed in wacky costumes, not realizing Zappa's music would turn out to be too complicated for them to play the first time through.

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