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The Chevrons

Formed in doo-wop central, Manhattan's Washington Heights neighborhood, the Chevrons are best known for a couple of regional hits for the Brent label, as well as the beginning for Jim Croce producer and Cashman & West member Dennis Minogue (aka Terry Cashman). The group was formed in 1959, with lead Minogue (also a baseball prospect for the Detroit Tigers), first tenor Marty Trautman, second tenor Frank Williams, baritone Gary Giordon, and bass Al Conde. (Conde, the last to join the group, previously sang with the Spirals on their single "School Bells," recorded for George Goldner's Gone Records.) Signed to Bobby Shad's Time Records, the Chevrons debuted with "That Comes with Love," released on Shad's Brent subsidiary. Increased airplay on the East Coast also gave the Chevrons a chance to tour, with a caravan led by Bruce "Cousin Brucie" Morrow. They entered the national charts in 1960-1961 with "Lullabye" and appeared on a few of the top rock & roll television shows of the era, including Dick Clark's American Bandstand.