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Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes is a generation-spanning guitar hero; he wasn't out of grade school when some of his best-known collaborators were at the peak of their fame, but he's earned a powerful reputation for his fiery guitar work, steeped in blues and Southern rock traditions, and has distinguished himself as a songwriter, bandleader, and solo artist as well as a gifted sideman. Haynes was born in Asheville, North Carolina on April 9, 1960 and he developed a taste for soul and R&B at an early age, from his older brothers who listened to Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, and Smokey Robinson. Warren would spend hours singing along with their records. When he was 12, Haynes got his first guitar, and by 14 he was playing parties and sitting in with the house band at a local pizza parlor. Haynes became a serious Eric Clapton fan, and studying his work led him deeper into the classic blues sounds that had influenced the British guitar hero.