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Famous for Latin-flavored dance-pop as well as for adult contemporary ballads, the female vocal trio Exposé enjoyed a great deal of commercial success in the '80s and early '90s. Exposé was the creation of Miami-based producer/songwriter Lewis A. Martineé, who assembled the original Exposé lineup in 1984. Although Exposé's best-known lineup included Jeanette Jurado (born November 14, 1965, Pico Rivera, CA), Gioia Bruno (who was born in Bari, Italy, on June 11, 1963, but grew up in New Jersey), and Ann Curless (born October 7, 1963, Albany, NY), none of them were original members of Exposé; the original Exposé lineup consisted of Alé Lorenzo, Sandra Casanas, aka Sandeé, and Laurie Miller, which in 1984 recorded Exposé's Martineé-produced debut single, "Point of No Return," for his Pantera label. Employing Lorenzo on lead vocals and Casanas and Miller on backing vocals, "Point of No Return" was a major club hit and went down in history as a definitive example of Latin freestyle -- a high-tech form of dance-pop that incorporated elements of Afro-Cuban salsa and was also identified with artists like the Cover Girls, Sweet Sensation, Nayobe, and TKA.