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Chris Squire

Born Christopher Russell Edward Squire, in Wembley, England, on March 4, 1948, Chris Squire's main claim to fame was as the bassist for prog rock superheroes Yes. His start in music, however, came as a child singing in his church choir. His first rock group was the Selfs; he played with that group from 1965 to 1966, before forming the band the Syn. That group featured a guitarist named Peter Banks, with whom Squire would be associated in several bands. The Syn formed in 1966 and remained a group until late 1967. His next outfit was Mabel Greer's Toy Shop, again with Banks. During the course of his work with that band, he became acquainted with vocalist Jon Anderson, who would eventually join Toy Shop for a time. Also during that time, Banks would leave the group, and among those with whom Anderson and Squire would align themselves were Tony Kaye and Bill Bruford. With Banks rejoining, the group chose the name Yes and launched into the beginnings of a very long-lived and storied career.

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