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Test Icicles

With a goofy name and a sound that spans noise, metal, dance-punk, and pop, London's Test Icicles formed in 2004 out of a group of friends who made up spur-of-the-moment bands and played impromptu gigs. Before arriving in London, Florida-born Sam Merrann moved to Australia at age seven and played in metal and punk bands; Smashing Pumpkins and Slipknot fan Devonte Hynes was born in Texas and moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, as a child; and native Briton Rory Aggwelt moved to London to attend art school. Aggwelt and Merrann needed a vocalist for their current band, Balls, and recruited Hynes; soon after, the trio members changed their name to Test Icicles and began playing chaotic gigs, eventually supporting likeminded bands such as the Unicorns, Year Future, and Death from Above 1979.