The Captain's Log

[VIDEO] You're Having A Baby?!

Posted By: Kirk Davidson · 8/29/2014 6:15:00 AM

This is pretty funny. A young Boy freaks out after finding out his mom is having another baby. Four year old Trey said the news was "exasperating". Looks like another young youtube star is born!

Drawings Turned Into Art

Posted By: Kirk Davidson · 8/28/2014 6:19:00 AM

Think back to when you were a kid; most of us loved drawing, although most of the time mine were way out of proportion (like most kids). Meet Telmo Pieper, he's 25 now, but loved to draw in his toddler years. His style has changed a little bit since then, and now the Dutch artist uses Photoshop to bring his old drawings to life. He even kept the original proportions intact! Pretty darn creative!

[VIDEO] Lost Baby Seal

Posted By: Kirk Davidson · 8/26/2014 7:06:00 AM

Juha Salo was skiing off the coast of Finland when he came across the most adorable baby ringed seal pup. At first, he just cries a little bit, but shortly after, Juha realized that the pup was lost and couldn't find his mother.

After a few minutes the seal warmed up to Juha and started to follow him around refusing to leave his side. Take a watch for yourself and your heart will melt!

Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted By: Kirk Davidson · 8/22/2014 5:59:00 AM

A girl on anesthesia decided to take the ice bucket challenge. Her mom had ordered her to stay in her room after having her wisdom teeth removed. She didn't think that was fair and decided to do the challenge anyway. The video has now gone viral


Face Cartoons

Posted By: Kirk Davidson · 8/21/2014 6:59:00 AM

This is pretty darn creative!

Laura Jenkinson, who is a makeup artist, wanted to try something new. So she started drawing cartoon characters on and around her mouth. Is this not awesome!?