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Smoke Detector Good...are you SURE??

Posted By: Tim Durling · 9/30/2014 12:35:00 PM


Does Multi-tasking make you stupid?

Posted By: Tim Durling · 9/29/2014 12:04:00 PM

That's what research out of the UK's University of Sussex is claiming...go to to find out more.

I try to be a "one device at a time" person as much as possible...I find it minimizes mistakes considerably.

Life in the Smartphone Lane

Posted By: Tim Durling · 9/17/2014 12:11:00 PM

Ever get stuck walking behind someone with their face stuck in their cell phone?  In one Chinese city, they took drastic steps to deal with this...however, what was meant as a sarcastic move has been taken seriously by some...



Lifesize Star Wars Ships?

Posted By: Tim Durling · 9/15/2014 12:05:00 PM

JJ Abrams apparently going "old school" when it comes to special effects for Episode VII.  This pic is what appears to be a full-scale model of the Millenium Falcon.  Evidently an X-Wing Fighter has also been spotted near the shooting location.


Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Posted By: Tim Durling · 9/13/2014 12:00:00 PM

Yes, today is officially, Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day, designed to give kids an opportunity to become more involved in planning, preparing, and cooking meals.  In my opinion, this also includes the funnest part, the clean up!!

It actually reminded me of a Canadian game show from the early 80s called "Just Like Mom."  Anyone remember this gem?

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