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McCain employees honoured


Presenting a special 40-year service award to Lab Technician Charlotte Giggie of McCain Foods (Canada) were Allison McCain, Chairman of McCain Foods Limited, left, and President and Chief Executive Officer of McCain Foods Limited Dirk Van de Put, right, at the annual McCain holiday parties. (Photo Submitted)

Nearly nine hundred people came out to celebrate the achievements of over 100 long-service employees at the annual McCain Foods holiday parties for employees and guests.

Special presentations were held for employees who have been with the company for milestone years ranging from 10 to 40 years.

Three employees celebrated 40 years of service with the company and received a crystal award for their long-term service.

They included Charlotte Giggie of Johnville, Warren LaPage of Florenceville-Bristol and Warehouse Manager John McDougall, who was based in Manitoba, Alberta, Maine and Grand Falls before returning back to Florenceville-Bristol.

Employees who celebrated 35 of service were Deborah Bourgoin, Wanda Smith, Joyce Tompkins, Hal Brewer, Larry Craig, Ronald Davenport, Terry DeMerchant, Thomas Lahue, Randy MacDougall, Terry O.Donnell, Anson Smith and Malcolm Tucker.

Recipients of the 30-year award include Robert Brown, Deborah Bubar, Richard Crompton, Stephen McCain, Larry Wortman, Norma Miller, Martin Boyd, Thomas Crawford, Sterling Everett, Truman Ruff and Leeland Toner.

Employees who received a 20 year award include Pamela McIsaac, J. Derrick MacDougall, Jeffry Jakubas, Desiree Tranquilla, Shirley Budrow, Vicki Clark, Michael Campbell, David Sanchez, Arlene Mortensen, Mark Dykeman, Ghislain Pelletier, Robert Pryor, Monica Ouellette, Edith O.Donnell, Terry Hanscome, Jay Smith, Frederick Shaw Jr. and Jamie Smith.

Those celebrating 15 years of service include Paul Watson, Aline Ring, S. Scott Ring, Wendy Stewart, Craig Power, Mark Chase, David Graham Johnston, Bernard Nabuurs, Howard DeMerchant, Jennie Lee, Kelly Dugan, Mariam Emery, Rodney Boyd, Jody Green, Donald Hawthorne Jr., Peter Holmes, Todd Craig, Richard Johnston, Paul Ruff and Robert Rogers.

Ten-year employees were Jennifer Smith, Dale Shaw, Marguerite Appleby, Jamie Guay, Deborah Anderson, Jayne Staples MacDonald, Michael Sahagian, Myrna-Lee Porter, Marcia Brennan, Irma Underhill, Scott Messervey, Dominic Rush, K. Michael Wright, Dennis Ross Mabey, Sanjay Dhaddha, Christa Bell, Quintin Grant, Brian Jamieson, Gary Hawkins, Brent Kenney, Wiley Waugh Jr., Clayton DeMerchant, Christopher Ferguson, Tina Smith, Dorothy Boyd, Anna Craig, Linda Gamblin, Judy Craig, Donna Craig, Mary Hopkins, Chris Camber, Jody DeMerchant, Christopher Taverne, Andrew Brewer, Dale Williams, Justin Craswell and Marguerite McDougall.

Twenty-five-year recipients will be honoured at a celebration in the spring of 2012.

Long-time employees Warren LaPage and John McDougall were honoured for 40-years of service during special presentations held at the recent McCain annual holiday parties. Front row, from left, Michael Corcoran, Production Manager Prepared Foods, Warren LaPage, Supervisor Prepared Foods and Marc Kilfoil, French Fry Plant Manager. Back row, from left, Darryl Rowe, President McCain Foods (Canada), Jean-Pierre Rajotte, Vice President Manufacturing, John McDougall, Warehouse Manager, Allison McCain, Chairman McCain Foods Limited and Dirk Van de Put, President and Chief Executive Officer McCain Foods Limited. (Photo Submitted)