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Perth-Andover Church Moving to New Location

Pastor hopes to have new church open by 2013


(Above: New location of Perth-Andover Baptist Church)

Story by Brad Perry

Parishioners at the Perth-Andover Baptist Church have said good bye to their old location and hello to a new piece of land.

The church, which has spent over 100 years at its current location, has been flooded four times in the past 10 years.

Pastor Michael Fredericks says this last flood was the last straw.

He tells K93 News, the church members are excited for the move.

He says once construction begins on the new church, it should be finished quickly.

They are currently holding services at the Andover Elementary School gym, and Fredericks says they have seen growth in numbers since they began holding services there.

For more information on the new church, you can visit their website at http://perthandoverbaptist.com.