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12 Plant Species Invading Province

Four of the plants can be found in the Upper River Valley


Story by Paul Bradley - pictured above Wild Parsnip

If you happen to be doing any landscaping these days you might want to cover up before tackling these weeds.

Woodland Angelica

Paula Noel with the Province's Invasive Species Council says Woodland Angelica and Wild Parsnip plants are common in the Saint John River Valley and sap from the plants can cause severe skin irritation.

Noel tells us Garlic Mustard is also starting to show up in the Upper St. John River Valley, which is a big concern.


The other plant taking over our region is the Purple Loosestrife.

Noel says her group is in the process of publishing a field guide about the 12 most concerning plant species invading the province.


Noel of adds it's important to try to stop new species from spreading and damaging native ones.


She says the guide is currently in printing and it will also be available online shortly.

Purple Loosestrife


Garlic Mustard