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Perth-Andover Mayor Wants MP, MLA to Resign

Terry Ritchie says the two have misled the entire community


Story by Paul Bradley

Perth-Andover's Mayor is demanding the resignation of a local MLA and our MP.

In a statement released Thursday, August 9, Terry Ritchie says Mike Allen and Wes McLean have misled the community.

Ritchie says the two local politicians assured village council that flood control efforts would be well underway by now, but instead they are waiting on further studies.

The Mayor goes on to say Mike Allen and Wes McLean are no longer acceptable representatives of the area and claims they represent their party leaders and not their constituants.

Ritchie says if substantial flood prevention efforts are not underway in a month's time they will then be calling for Premier David Alward to resign.

The Mayor will address the community Thursday night, August 9, at a public meeting being held by the Flood Victims Committee.


Below is the complete release from Mayor Ritchie

Press Release


Thursday, August 9, 2012
Perth-Andover, New Brunswick

I am calling today for the resignations of both of our elected representatives, federal and provincial, on the grounds that, separately and together, they have misled us about a matter so vital to our people and our community that lives may yet be lost because of it, and I will

be asking at a public meeting tonight for the whole of the community to actively support me in this, as so many of them have said they already do now.

On three separate occasions Mike Allen, Member of Parliament for Tobique-Mactaquac, and local Member of the Legislature Wesley McLean assured the village Council and myself and members of the Flood Victims Committee, once in front of the premier, that flood control efforts including at least some relocation of homes in significant numbers, would be well underway by now. They are not. They are not even in preparation.

Both members treated with contempt the idea that federal and provincial authorities would wait until completion of the final report of the so-called Flood Mitigation Committee, due the end of this month, before taking significant action. The Interim Report, due the end of June and delivered only four or five days later, would provide the basis for action, they said, since the direction of desirable flood control and recovery efforts would certainly be clear by then and by that report.

But the Interim Report, when it was finally released, is little more than an outline of further studies, still to be done, including some not underway even yet, over five weeks later.

This is not acceptable to me. It is not acceptable to the people who elected me. It is not acceptable to the people of Perth-Andover or anyone who truly has our best interests at heart.

Therefore Mike Allen and Wesley MacLean are no longer acceptable to us as our representatives. They more represent their party leaders than the people of these constituencies.

They must resign. Honour, decency, justice and the wellbeing of this community and its people require it. If we cannot take them at their word, we have only one word for them: Go.

If by this time next month -- two weeks after the final report is due to be issued -- substantial flood prevention efforts AND significant home relocations are not in progress and capable of being completed in the season, then we will also be asking Premier David Allward to resign, and if he does not, will be petitioning the Lieutenant Governor of the province, His Excellency Mr Graydon Nicholas, to remove him from office, under the reserve powers of the Crown, on the grounds that he will by then have utterly broken the first covenant of a ruler, that he must not deliberately harm the lives and the livelihoods of those entrusted to his care. His delay and inaction by then will amount to that. They are amounting to that now.

I am also calling on our Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, to more actively particpate in directing federal participation in flood prevention, compensation and recovery efforts -- for one thing, by directing that those efforts be far more substantial than they now are.

This is not a political issue. This is a survival issue. The life of this community and the lives of its people are at stake. We have been very lucky in the latter respect three times before. We cannot count on being so lucky again. Yet already, according to our doctors, lives are being impaired and even shortened as a result of the stresses, physical and mental, financial and emotional, caused not just by the flood but by the paucity of federal and provincial efforts to help us deal with it and to be able to at least begin to rebuild our lives and our livelihoods here.

We have lost homes. We have lost businesses and business, period. We have lost and we are losing people. We are all losing time. So it's not politics.

But lets have byelections. Let the people decide.

Sometimes it is not enough in a democracy to merely say or assume that that is what you are.

Sometimes you have to actually act like one.

It's that time now.


Terrence Peter Ritchie
Perth-Andover, New Brunswick